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Facebook Custom Lead Ad Integration

The iPost Facebook Custom Lead Ad integration allows you to seamlessly push all leads captures from your Facebook Ads to iPost, allowing you to immediately continue building your relationship with your customers.

If you are interested in the Facebook Custom Lead Ad Integration, please contact your Customer Success Manager to have the integration enabled in your account.

Facebook User Permissions

Prior to configuring the Facebook Lead Ad functionality in your account, ensure that your Facebook user has the correct user permissions which must be a Named Page Admin.  Follow the steps below to ensure the correct permissions are established.

  • Go to created pages to add user who will receive Lead Ad data
  • Go to created pages to add user who will receive Lead Ad data
  • Go to Assign a new Page role to add user who will receive the data.

Facebook Lead Ad Configuration

Once Facebook Lead Ads has been enabled in your account, please follow these steps to finish the configuration.

  1. Access the Facebook Leads Ad option in the iPost Confluxery options under the Settings menu options.
  2. Click the Login With Facebook button to add your Facebook user credentials.
  3. Grant the iPost Application the required prompted permissions
  4. Click the Data Mapping button to map the Facebook fields to the iPost database fields.
  5. Check the Subscribed box next to any Forms that will send data over to iPost
  6. Select the associated list in the List dropdown for each form

Facebook Login

The Facebook login used for the Facebook Lead Ad should have access to all Facebook Pages and Facebook Forms associated with that client.  To add your Facebook credentials, please follow these steps.

  1. Access Facebook Lead Ads from on the iPost Confluxery page within the Settings menu.
  2. Click the login with Facebook button and enter Facebook user credentials.

Once your Facebook credentials have been added, the Facebook Lead Ads manager will populate with any pages/forms associated with that account.

Field Description
Page/Forms The Page and Forms retrieved from Facebook upon login.
Last Subscribed The date the form was last subscribed to within iPost
Subscribed If the Subscribed box is checked, the contacts from the Facebook Leads Ad will populated the associated list.
List The list that contacts from the Facebook Leads Ad are added to.

Data Mapping

Facebook has standard fields as part of the Lead Ads functionality.  The data in these fields can be added to iPost by mapping them to existing database fields.  The data mappings configured will be applied to all pages/forms configured in iPost.

Facebook Column Name
Ad ID The ID of the ad
Ad Name
The name of the ad
Adset ID
The ID of your ad set
Adset Name
The name of the ad set
Campaign ID
The ID of the campaign
Campaign Name
The name of the campaign
The contact’s city
Company Name
The name of the company the contact works for
The name of the country the contact resides in
Created Time
The date/time the Lead was created
Date of Birth
The contact’s date of birth
The contact’s email
First Name
The contact’s first name
Form ID
The ID of the lead ads instant form
Form Name
The name of the lead form in Facebook
Full Name
The contact’s full name (first and last)
The contact’s gender
Is Organic
Organic leads are any leads that result from someone seeing an ad because a friend liked or shared the ad. If a lead is organic, the ad_ID and adset_ID columns may be blank for that row.
Job Title
The contact’s job title
Last Name
The contact’s last name
Leadgen ID
The ID of this instance of the Lead
Marital Status
The contact’s marital status
Military Status
The contact’s military status
National ID Number
A contact's national ID number
Page ID
The ID of the Facebook page
Page Name
The name of the Facebook page
Page Number
The number of the Facebook page
Phone Number
The contact’s phone number
The platform the lead was created on – Facebook or Instagram
Post Code
The contact’s postal code
The name of the province the contact resides in
Relationship Status
The contact’s relationship status
The name of the state the contact resides in
Street Address
The contact’s street address
Work Email
The contact’s work email
Work Phone Number
The contact’s work phone number
Zip Code
The contact’s zip code

To map the data, please follow these steps.

  1. Click on the Data Mapping button
  2. Select the database field from the iPost Column for each of the corresponding data fields in the Facebook column
  3. Click Save

Subscribing to a Facebook Form

Subscribing to a Facebook form and connecting to it will flow records who sign-up via a Facebook Lead Ad to a list in iPost.  To subscribe to a Face Book Lead Ad Form and connect it to a list, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the Page name in the Facebook Lead Ad manager.
  2. Check the Subscribed box associated with the form.
  3. Select the list that the contacts will be added to from the List search box.