Facebook Custom Audience

With iPost's  Facebook Custom Audience integration, you have the ability to push Contacts from iPost into your Facebook account, allowing you to further segment/target/suppress your social marketing program.

If you are interested in the Facebook Custom Audience integration, please contact your Customer Success Manager to have the integration enabled in your account.

Facebook Custom Audience Configuration

Once the Facebook Audience integration has been enabled in your account, please follow these steps to complete the configuration.

  1. Access the Facebook Audience option under the iPost Confluxery options in the Settings menu options.
  2. Click the Login With Facebook button with your Facebook credentials – note iPost does not store your credentials

The Facebook user account associated with the Facebook Audience integration must have the ads_management permissions enabled.

Creating a Facebook Audience

Once enabled in your account, the Facebook Audience activity can be found within Process Automation.  Create a new Process Automation to use the activity.

Facebook Audience Activity

Field Description
Name Name is the name of the activity. It will default with a Facebook Audience but can be edited as needed
List List allows you to select the list or data table that contains the contacts to be pushed to the Ad Audience in Facebook.
Sync Type

Sync Type allows you to determine if you want to push all contacts from a Static List, Dynamic List, Sendable Custom Data Table, Sendable Dynamic Data Table, or All Contacts into the Ad Audience or just push newly added contacts to the Ad Audience based on the schedule of the automation.

Contacts from a Dynamic List will always be ‘Full’. Please note that the synch is additive only.

If a ‘delta’ synch is chosen on a Static List or a Sendable Custom Data Table, the first synch will be a ‘full’ synch and each synch thereafter will be a ‘delta’ synch (new records added to this list).

Ad Account The Facebook account where the Ad Audience is located
Ad Audience The Ad Audience will prepopulate with existing Facebook Audiences.  You also have the ability to create a new Facebook Custom Audience  as well.

To configure a Facebook Audience activity, follow these steps:

  1. Update the Name of the activity if needed
  2. Select the list or data table that contain the contacts that will be pushed into the Facebook Audience
  3. Select the Sync Type for the Facebook Audience
  4. Select your Ad Account
  5. Select your Ad Audience
  6. Click Done

Once the activity is configured and saved, you can either run the automation immediately or set it to run on a schedule. We recommend that you synch no more than 1 per day. The synch process takes some time to run as the Facebook API currently only allows batches of 10,000 Contacts to be synch at a time in series.

When the automation has finished running, you will be able to see the contacts in the Ad Audience in Facebook.  The total contacts in the Ad Audience may not match the total contacts from your list or data table.  This is due to how Facebook calculate the Ad Audience size. 

This is an estimate of the size of the audience that's eligible to see your ad. It's based on your targeting criteria, ad placements and how many people were shown ads on Facebook apps and services in the past 30 days.

This is not an estimate of how many people will actually see your ad, and the number may change over time. It isn't designed to match population or census estimates.

To confirm that all contacts were pushed to Facebook, verify that the total rows added to the Ad Audience in the Activity History are equal to the total contacts in your list and or data table.