Campaign Genius

Our Campaign Genius integration allows you to easily add contact specific live email content (Countdown Timers, Weather, Maps, and more) to your emails in the iPost platform. In addition, It also provides testing of live images and access to update-to-date real-time content published at Twitter, YouTube, and Giphy.

Campaign Genius Configuration

The Campaign Genius integration is enabled in your account by default. 

If using the iPost integration, additional billing does apply. Upon the initial usage of this integration, you will be presented with Terms and Conditions for using the Campaign Genius suite of Tools. Click Add Now to proceed with using the integration in your account.

For those of you who already have a Campaign Genius account, you are able to update the integration to utilize your pre-existing account.  To update the configuration, please follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select iPost Confluxery
  3. Click the Campaign Genius icon
  4. Replace the API Key and Account Code information with your account information
  5. Click Save

Campaign Genius Tools

The table below provides information on the Campaign Genius tools available to you.

Choose from animated GIF or the new animated PNG format, with 24-bit color and transparency. You can even change expiration after send.
Put live AccuWeather reports in your messages, with a range of pre-built designs for super-easy use. Weather data updated for recipient geolocation, address information from mail merges, or any pre-defined location.
Generate a map with just the right size, place and style to communicate “where” at a glance; we’ll deliver it from our lightning-fast CDN. You can even set a place marker to call out a key address.
Every email message can deliver current package status with this easy-to-use tool. Choose carrier & insert tracking number, or set up a URL and insert those values for triggered campaigns. Supports tracking for U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, DHL Express, Canada Post, Australia Post, First Mile, Asendia, OnTrac, APC, Newgistics, Globegistics, RR Donnelley, IMEX, Access Worldwide, Purolator Canada, and Sendle.
Split-test many content options in a single campaign, and switch to the winner on-demand or automatically. Optimize randomizes content by IP, email or user ID; tracks impressions and clicks, and puts the best content in front of everyone on auto-pilot or on-demand.
Add barcode images to transactional and triggered emails, without complicated APIs or integrations. Set size, fonts and colors to suit your brand. Choose from Code 39 (standard or extended) and Code 128. Add a text label as well. Once your template is set up, just merge barcode data into the URL to get instant barcode images.
Set home pages, product pages and any URL you like; this handy tool will fetch the page content and render a PNG image from it once a day to our fast global CDN.
Insert your customer's city, region, country, or combination of all into your email.
Double down on your Twitter activity with a live on-open Twitter update for email messages. Tweet text, views, likes and featured graphics are fetched, composited and updated on the fly
The 3 leading promo sites for photographers — Pixabay, Unsplash and Pexels — are joined together in a single, fast search engine. Choose from millions of images. Size the image to suit. Campaign-Genius will provide a ready-to use hosting URL for your sized image, with worldwide distribution. Photographer image credits are included in the clipboard HTML so you can properly credit them for their work.
Giphy, the leading GIF supplier in the world, serves up over 7 billion GIFs and stickers every day. All of Giphy’s GIF and sticker content is available at your fingertips, with instant insertion for campaigns. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a short animated GIF is worth 10,000 words for capturing viewer attention.
Insert YouTube videos into your emails.
Choose from over a million high-impact icons, in a range of styles — flat, black & white, color to bring your campaigns into the visual era with a couple of clicks. Size from tiny up to 512px in a click.
See a history of the various tools you have used shown in order by recency.

Adding Campaign Genius Content to an Email

The Campaign Genius tile can be found on the Content page of the Email Configuration. To add a Campaign Genius tool to your email, follow the steps below for the type of email being created.

Paste HTML Emails

  1. Place the cursor in the section of the email where the Campaign Genius tool will be inserted. 
  2. Click on the Campaign Genius tile
  3. Select the tool from the available options
  4. Configure the content from the available options for that specific tool
  5. Click Preview to preview your configuration
  6. Click Insert

Drag & Drop Emails

  1.  Drag the Real-Time Toolbox content tile onto your email.
  2.  Click on Configure Real-Time Toolbox
  3. Select the tool from the available options
  4. Configure the content from the available options for that specific tool
  5. Click Preview to preview your configuration
  6. Click Insert

All configurations must be previewed before they can be inserted into the email content