Funnel Automation

A Funnel Automation is a preconfigured Journey incorporating activities, flow controls, and entry events that are specific to Funnels. What differentiates a Funnel Automation from a Journey is that the entry event is selected from the configured Funnels in Web Tracking and the addition of the Status Check flow control that evaluates if a contact has exited the Funnel. Though preconfigured, a Funnel automation can be customized in order to support your marketing program needs by removing or adding activities and flow controls to the canvas.

Creating a Funnel Automation

To create a Funnel automation, follow these steps:

  1. Click Automations under Automation in the left menu
  2. Enter the Automation name in the Create New Automation Workflow field
  3. Select Funnel Automation from the available options
  4. Click Create

Funnel Canvas

The canvas of a Funnel automation is preconfigured with a 5-step path consisting of three Status Checks and two Email activities.

Funnel Entry Event

The Entry Event for a Funnel Automation uses any Funnel that was created in Web Tracking.  To select a Funnel entry Event, please follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the Entry Event
  2. Click on the Configure option
  3. Select the website that the Funnel is configured for
  4. Select the Funnel to be used in the automation
  5. Click Ok

Status Check

Status Checks are flow controls specific to Funnel Automations. A contact is held on the flow control for a configurable amount of time.  After the expiration of the time limit, the control will evaluate if the contact has successfully completed the funnel.  If they have completed the Funnel, the contact will travel down the Out path and exit the automation.  If the contact is still in the Funnel, meaning they have not reached the last page of the configuration, they will travel down the In path.

To configure a Status Check, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the Status Check 
  2. Click the Edit icon
  3. Adjust the time period for the flow control
  4. Click Done

Once the Funnel Automation has been completed on the canvas, save the configuration, and activate the automation.