User's GuideMobileSMS/MMS Provisioning

SMS/MMS Provisioning

Carrier approval is required for all Mobile messaging. There are different requirements depending on the code type that you will be using in your marketing program. The approval process also varies depending on the code type that will be used.

Dedicated Short Code

The approval process for a Short Code is 8 to 12 weeks but that can vary depending on additional information requested by the carriers and how quickly that information is returned to them.

MMS is a separate approval process. If interested in MMS, we recommend that you go through that approval process at the same time versus later.

To provision a dedicated short code, the following information is required.

  • Campaign Type
  • Campaign Name/Sponsor
  • Campaign Keyword (if applicable)
  • Campaign URL for Web Opt-in (if applicable)
  • Campaign Overview
  • Campaign Description
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Help Email Address
  • Help Phone Number
  • Sample Message - If getting approval for MMS, you will also need to include a MMS sample with a media file.
  • Terms & Conditions URL
  • Privacy Policy URL
  • Service Type
  • Keyword CTA
    • Mockup of the Keyword CTA should include the following: Msg&Data Rates May Apply Text HELP for HELP Text STOP to CANCEL T&Cs can be viewed at [URL], Privacy Policy can be viewed at [URL].
    • Supply information as to where the Keyword CTA will be advertised

Terms & Conditions

If you have not already done so, your Terms & Conditions page will need to be updated to include information on Mobile messaging. Below is the information that will need to be present.

  • Program name, short code, advice of charge, and description
  • Advise how subscribers will opt in (Example: Text ALERT to 12345)
  • Name of all US Carriers that support the program
  • A link to the customer or campaign’s privacy policy
  • “Test STOP to cancel” and “Reply HELP for help” must be presented and in BOLD font on the Terms and Conditions web page
  • For alert campaigns, please provide the frequency of messages. Example, “10 messages per month” or “5msg/wk.”
  • Include: T-Mobile is not liable for delayed or undelivered messages

10 Digit Long Code (10DLC)

The approval process for 10DLC is 5 to 10 business days. The following information is required for provisioning.

  • Legal Company Name
  • Country of Registration
  • Type of Business (LLC, Corp, Non-Profit, etc.)
  • Tax ID Number
  • Address of Registrant
  • Website
  • Vertical Type
  • Sample Messages. If more than one type of campaign, please provide 2-4 examples so that the 10DLC can be registered for mixed campaign use.