A Keyword is a word that your customers can text to either a short code or a phone number using their mobile device. They are commonly used by customers to interact with your brand and opt-in to mobile messaging. Keywords are also used as the entry event for a Mobile journey allowing you to send an immediate response to the mobile message.

What should my Keyword be?

Your choice in Keyword should be as unique as your product and your brand. Remember, that you want your customers to recognize and remember it! Keep in mind that this is mobile messaging, so Keywords should be short, simple, and memorable. Avoid the use of any special characters and test for autocorrect.

Reserved Keywords

The following Keywords are reserved by the Cellular Telephone Industries Association (CTIA).

  • HELP
  • STOP
  • END

These keywords do not need to be created and already have autoresponders associated with them.

How to Create my Keyword

To create a Keyword, follow these steps.

  1. Click on Keyword in the Mobile menu
  2. Enter your keyword in Create New Keyword field
  3. Select the short code or phone number associated with that keyword in the Select Code field
  4. Click Create

Once created, the keyword will appear in the Keyword Manager, and it will also be available as an entry event for a SMS journey.

Please Note: Keywords may only contain alphanumeric characters and cannot contain spaces.

Keyword Manager

The Keyword Manager provides a list of all the keywords created in your account and the short code or phone number they are associated with. From the manager, you can delete a keyword or begin a Mobile Journey using a specific keyword.

  1. Create New Keyword allows you to enter the keyword you are creating
  2. Select Code provides a list of short codes and phone numbers provisioned for your account
  3. Filter Options allows you to sort the keywords in the manager, filter by name, date, or type, or search for automations.
  4. Keyword and the date it was created
  5. Code Type identifies if the keyword is being used for a short code, 10DLC, or toll-free number
  6. Code is the short code or phone number associated with the keyword
  7. Creator is the user who created the keyword
  8. Actions drop down provides actions that can be taken on a specific automation
    1. Delete allows you to delete the keyword
    2. Create Mobile Journey Automation will create a new automation using the keyword as the entry event