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Mobile Content

iPost supports both SMS (Short Messaging Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) with our Mobile option. SMS is text only while MMS allows for media files to be included with the mobile message.

Help! What should my message be?

The main thing to remember about your mobile messages is that they should be short and to the point. SMS content is limited to 160 characters which includes all legal disclaimers and an opt out. MMS content can go up to 1600 characters, but you will start to lose your consumers with long winded messages. Besides that, be yourself and be sure to include the voice of your brand. Here are some best practices to keep in mind when creating your mobile content.

  • Keep content brief and to the point
  • Include all legal disclaimers (if applicable)
  • Supply a way to unsubscribe
  • User Personalization
  • Watch the frequency of the messaging
  • Try not to use common text abbreviations

How to Create Mobile Content

To create SMS or MMS content, follow these steps

  1. Click on SMS in the Mobile menu
  2. Enter the name for your mobile content in the Create New Mobile Content field
  3. Select the content in the Select Content Type field
  4. Click Create
  5. Update any information on the Properties
  6. Click Continue
  7. Enter your content in the editor. If creating a MMS message, click the Media content box to add a visual element to the message
  8. Click Continue to preview and validate your content

Note: iPost will not send mobile content that has not passed validation. To validate your content, click Continue in the Content Step of the email creation process. Once the validation step has been completed, the status of your SMS or MMS will be set to Ready and it will be available to use in Automations.


The name of the Mobile content.
The folder in which the Mobile content is located. To change the folder the email is stored in, click the Select Folder button and choose a different folder.

Language allows you to select the encoding type for the Mobile content. This field is required.

Language types:

  • UTF-8
  • US English (ASCII)
  • Western Europe
  • Central Europe
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Russian


The Content step is where you will build your Mobile message. The options for the Mobile message will vary based on the type of content you selected.

The Mobile message editor allows you to paste in your content or to create it in the UI. Our Mobile content supports personalization and iPost Coupon Codes. A character count is found at the bottom of the editor.

Content Panel

Insert snippets or media into your Mobile message from the Content Panel.

Select a Mobile snippet to be included in your content. Click on the SMS Snippet option to select the snippet to be inserted into your content.
For MMS content types, you can select a media option from your Assets Library to include in your content. The media file used in a MMS send cannot exceed 300KB. When selecting the Media option, all viable media files from the Asset Library will be rendered in the selection tool.


Allows you to add personalization to your content from the available Database fields in your account. Simply, select a database field and drag it into your content.

Please note, that if sending to a data table, you will need to use the data fields in your sendable data table to personalize your content. Please refer to our Personalization help.


Preview allows you to view how your Mobile message will render on a mobile device. If personalizing your email, you can also view the message using a contact, a list, or a data table

Option Description

Enter a contact’s mobile number with the desired attributes for which to preview the mobile content and click OK.

Note: The contact must be in the system.
Click Browse and select the Data Table with the contacts in which you would like to preview the mobile content. At the top of the preview window, you can select a specific contact to preview.
Click Browse and select the List with the contacts in which you would like to preview the the mobile content. At the top of the preview window, you can select a specific contact to preview.