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Testing Mobile Messages

Send tests of your mobile messages to individual contacts, a list of contacts, or contacts within a data table before scheduling your Mobile send.

To send a test, follow these steps.

  1. Click Test SMS/MMS on the Preview step.
  2. Select the Test Mailing options for the test send.
  3. Click the Test SMS/MMS button.

Test Options

Option Description
Test List(s)
Select a Test List(s).
Phone Number(s)

Insert individual phone numbers. Separate multiple email addresses by commas.

Please Note: Phone numbers must include the ‘1’ before the area code. For example: 1-555-555-5555
Test Sendable Data Table(s)
Select a Test Sendable Data Table(s).
Mobile test messages only allow for text format which is defaulted.
Code Type
Select the type of code that will be used for the test send. Multiple code types can be provisioned for a client. Supported code types are Short Code, 10DLC, and Toll-Free Numbers.
Select the Short Code, 10DLC, or Toll-Free Number that will be used for the test send.