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Mobile Journey Automations

A Mobile journey uses a SMS trigger, or a Keyword response, to add contacts to the journey. Mobile Journeys also allow for additional data to be received with the keyword response. 

Once the Entry Event is configured with the Keyword, the journey can be built be adding activities and flow controls to the journey canvas.

Creating a Mobile Journey

To create a Mobile Journey, follow these steps:

  1. Click Automations under Automation in the left menu
  2. Enter the Automation name in the Create New Automation Workflow field
  3. Select Mobile Journey from the available options
  4. Click Create

SMS Entry Event

The Entry Event for a Mobile Journey Automation uses any Short Code, 10DLC, or Keyword configured in your account.  To configure a SMS Entry Event, please follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the Entry Event
  2. Click on the Configure option
  3. Select the Short Code or 10DLC in the Code Type.
  4. Select the corresponding  Short Code or  10DLC number in the Short Code menu option.
  5. Select the Keyword that will be used to trigger the journey.
  6.  If additional information outside of the Keyword is expected with the Keyword response click the corresponding box in order to access additional options
    1. In the Data Type field, select the format for the data that will be received with the Keyword
    2. In the Fallback Text, place the default language that will be sent to the recipient if the data type is not valid for the message being received.
  7. Click Done

SMS Split

An SMS Split would commonly be used with polling, quizzing, or sending questions out to your mobile audience. It is allow for an immediate response to the poll, quiz, or question allowing your brand to continue to engage with the customer.

SMS Splits are flow controls specific to Mobile Journeys. They allow you to send contacts on different branches of the journey based on data received from a key word response.

To configure a SMS Split, follow these steps:

  1.  Click the pencil icon to edit the SMS Split flow control
  2. Select the Data Type for the response that is being received.
  3. Enter the default language if the response is received in the wrong data type in the Fallback Text
  4. In the Filter row, select the operator for the Answer and Insert a corresponding value. More filter rows can be added by clicking the (+) icon.
  5. If you do not want to generate multiple journey paths based on responses received, check the Generate only one path for all defined answers box.
  6.  Select the time period that the contact will be held before continuing onto the next step in the journey
  7.  Click Done

Once the Mobile Journey has been completed, save the configuration, and activate the automation.