Olapic allows you to easily collect and curate real customer photos, using machine learning, and human moderation to identify where and what content is going to perform best. 

Our Olapic integration allows you to integrate this wealth of powerful, high-quality user-generated content into your email marketing in order to connect with your customers on a deeper level.

An Olapic account is required in order to use the iPost integration.

Olapic Configuration

The Olapic integration is enabled by default. Please follow these steps to finish the configuration.

  1. Go to the Settings menu
  2.  Select iPost Confluxery
  3.  Select the Olapic tile or menu option
  4.  Add your Olapic API Key to the API Key text box
  5.  Click Save

Adding Olapic Content to an Email

The Olapic tile can be found on the Content page of the Email Configuration. This option is only available for Paste HTML emails. To add Olapic content to your email, follow the steps below.

  1. Place the cursor in the section of the email where the Olapic content will be inserted
  2. Click on the Olapic tile
  3. Configure the content from the available options
  4. Click Insert

Olapic Content Tile

Filter Types

Filter Types determine what content is pulled into your email.

Filter Type Description
Media Library Filter content from all approved and active content.
Stream ID In Olapic, streams are containers that help you organize your content. Each Stream has an id assigned to it that can be found within Olapic. If this option is selected the system will pull content from the stream selected.
Product ID

Filter content based on product id. When a product id is entered approved and active content from Olapic tagged with the same product id will be displayed.

Category ID Categories are used to group multiple streams together in order to aggregate their content. Each Category has an id assigned to it and can be found within Olapic. Select this option to pull all available content from an Olapic category.

Sorting Preferences

Sorting Preferences allow you to control what content is displayed your email.

Sorting Preference Description
Most Recent
This option allows you to sort content by most recently approved.
When selected this sorting option will randomly set the order of photos.
This sorting option is an option which uses a formula developed by Olapic. It is based on the Olapic photo score. The highest scoring photos will be displayed.
Clickthrough Rate
Display photos based on the analytic information Olapic has collected.
Manual Sorting
When this option is selected content will be pulled in based on your manual sorting preferences in Olapic. This sorting option has to be enabled in Olapic.

Fallback Image URL

Specify a default image that will appear when no photo is found that matches your filter preferences. You must include the complete image URI.


The styling options available allow you to control how content is displayed.

Number of Images

Allows you to determine how many images to be included in your email content and if the images should be linked back to your site.

To include a link for your images, check the "Link on your images" option. Once checked, you can select one of the following options from the drop down.

  • Custom Link which allows you to define a link for each image
  • Olapic Sourced Link which will use the URL assigned to the content within Olapic

Space Between Images

Allows you to determine the spacing between the images included in the content.

Enable Cropping

If enabled, allows you to crop the images in order to fit into the design of your email.

Enable Mobile Stacking

Enable this option if you would like the images stacked for mobile.