You can build and edit content by using Snippets in an email. Use them to insert standardized and reusable content into your messages.

Snippets are created independently from an email in the Snippets folder under Content. Snippets can be used in Dynamic Content, as well as Paste HTML, Templated, and Drag & Drop emails.

Snippet Types

When creating snippets, you can select from Paste HTML and Drag & Drop Snippets

Paste HTML snippet is a some HTML code that is pasted into the editor to be used in dynamic content for Paste HTML emails or for Paste HTML emails. 

Drag & Drop snippets is a drag & drop row(s) that can be used in dynamic content for Drag & Drop emails or for Drag and Drop emails only.

It is not recommended to use a Paste HTML snippet in a Drag & Drop email.  If needed, please reach out to your CSM to discuss this with our Creative Services team.

Creating a Snippets

  1. Click Content under the Email folder and select Snippets.
  2. Enter the Snippet name in the Create New Snippet field.
  3.  Select the snippet type in Select Content Type
  4. Click Create.
    This takes you to the Snippet Editor Properties step.
  5. Click the Continue button to begin creating your Snippet.
  6. Click Save when you have completed your work.


The table below lists the Snippet configuration properties with their descriptions.

Field Description Snippet Type
Name This is the name of the Snippet. The Snippet name is what you and other users see in your Snippets folder.
Paste HTML
Drag & Drop
Folder Location This field shows the folder in which the snippet is stored. To change the folder the snippet is stored in, click the Select Folder button and choose a different folder.
Paste HTML
Drag & Drop
Tags Tags are keywords that can be added to the snippet and then used for a search in the Drag & Drop email. Drag & Drop
Distribute to Subclients
Use this feature to allow your other accounts to utilize the snippet you have created. This is only available if your account is provisioned with subclients.
Paste HTML
Drag & Drop
Copy Snippet ID Allows you to copy the iTL for the snippet to be used in other contents or emails in the platform. Paste HTML
Drag & Drop
Search Referenced Snippet ID This feature will search content, templates, and emails for any reference of the snippet. Paste HTML
Drag & Drop

Paste HTML Content

You can create HTML code directly in the application or drag and drop your HTML file into the Snippet Editor.

Click Source in the tools ribbon to exit Source mode. Doing this will take you to a WYSIWYG editor. The application will generate the HTML code while you design within the WYSIWYG editor.

Content Panel

The Content Panel is located to the right of the Snippets Editor workspace.

The table below lists the tools found in the Content Panel with their descriptions.

Insert Snippet Use a stored snippet. Place the cursor in the section of the content you want to insert your stored snippet. Then, click on INSERT SNIPPET and select the snippet.
Insert Dynamic Content Use stored dynamic content. Place the cursor in the section of the content you want to insert your dynamic content. Then, click on INSERT DYNAMIC CONTENT and select the dynamic content.
Insert Web Content This feature allows you to include content in your snippets directly from an outside source.

Personalize Panel

The Personalize Panel is located to the right of the Snippets Editor workspace. Drag & drop database fields into your content to personalize your snippet.

Drag & Drop Content

Creating Drag & Drop content in a snippet is just like building out a Drag & Drop email.  The snippet is prebuilt with one row but does not include a content tile.  Simply drag the content tile from the right menu into the row to start building your snippet.  Please see Drag & Drop Emails for more information on that functionality.

Please note that configurations from the Settings tab are overwritten when the Snippet is used in an Email. Only Row configurations are saved and propagated across different Emails