Testing an Email

Before scheduling your email, send it to test lists, a test data table or individual email addresses to preview what recipients will see.

Test Mailing

  1. Click Test Mailing on the Preview step.
    This takes you to the Test Mailing configuration page.
  2. Select the Test Mailing options.
  3. Click Test Email.

The table below lists the test audience options and their descriptions.

Test List(s)
Select a Test List(s).
Email Address Insert individual email addresses.  Separate multiple email addresses by commas.
Test Sendable Data Table(s)
Select a Test Sendable Data Table(s).
Choose the format in which you would like to send the test.

  • Text – Select this option if you want to test the text version of your email.
  • Paste HTML – Select this option if you want to test the HTML version of your email. 
  • Smart Delivery - This option will automatically send the appropriate document type to each address on the Test List or Test Sendable Data Table (usually HTML).
Test prefix
Enter a Test prefix. The Test prefix will appear at the beginning of the subject line. This option is optional.

Spam Check

Spam Check is a tool that scans your email and calculates a SpamAssassin score. SpamAssassin is a widely-used mail filter designed to identify spam by testing several email components. Message with higher scores (especially greater than 5) are more likely to be routed into junk/bulk mail folders.