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A/B Subject Line Testing

A/B subject line testing is a great way to optimize the performance of your email campaign. iPost’s A/B subject line testing feature allows you to create different subject lines and track which line performs better.

Using A/B Subject Line Testing on an Email Send

  1. When scheduling an email, check the Make Segments for Subject Testing option found within the Email Send Configuration section.
  2. Finish configuring your email send and click Next. This will take you to the Subject Testing Options step.
  3. Click Next once you have completed configuring the Subject Testing Options to continue the email send configuration process.

Subject Test Options

  • To add a subject line, click on the “+” sign found to the right of the subject line text box. Then, enter the subject line in the subject field. 
  • To remove a subject line, click on the “-“ sign. 
  • Click on the wand to add personalized attributes.

Automation Subject Testing Options

The table below lists the Subject Line Testing configuration properties with their descriptions.

Option Description
Measurement Interval
This is the amount of time the system will wait before automatically sending the better performing version to the remainder of your contacts.

The winning version is determined by response rate, which is combined open and click performance.
Select the percentage of your audience that you would like to send the A/B subject line test.

The system randomly selects which subscribers receive the test subject lines.

A Winner segment is required when using A/B Subject Line Tests. If you want to proceed with testing without a winner segment, please split the audience and send two separate emails.

Reporting for emails where A/B Subject Line testing is enabled can be found in the A/B Test Sends section of Reports.