Test Lists

A test list is a list of subscribers you create that will receive and review your test messages. The test list is static and will remain unchanged until you manually add or remove members.

When sending a test message to a list, a test list must be used. You cannot send a test message to a static or dynamic list. You are, however, able to include a test list when sending a live message.

Creating a Test List

  1. Within the Content Creation menu, navigate to Contacts then Lists.
  2. Enter your list name in the Create New List field.
  3. Select Test List as the Content Type.
  4. Click Create.
    This takes you to the Properties step.
  5. Fill in the Properties fields.
  6. Click Continue.
    This takes you to the Members List step where you can add contacts to your list.


The table below lists the Test List configuration properties with their descriptions.

Field Description
Name This is the name of the Test List. The Test List name must be unique. This field is required.
Description This field allows you to add additional details about the list. This field is optional.
Folder Location This field shows the list folder in which the file is stored.

Adding Contacts

There are two ways to add contacts to your Test List:

Manually Add Contacts

Click the green “+” icon to manually add contacts to your list. The Manually Add Members window will appear. You may add up to 20 email addresses at a time, one per line.

Upload a File

  1. Click the blue upload icon to upload contacts to your list. The Upload Members window will appear.
  2. Select a File. Your file must be either comma delimited (.csv) or tab delimited (.txt).
  3. Click Upload. The Map Members window will appear.
  4. Map the fields in your file to the fields in your database.
  5. Click Finish Upload.

Other Options

Export List

Click the yellow icon to export your list. The export window will appear. Select the options for the export and click Export.


Click the red icon to clean your list. This option allows you to remove all contact records from the list.

Click the magnifying glass icon to search for a record(s).