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Deliverability Testing

iPost has partnered with 250ok to provide our users with the ability to run inbox deliverability tests from within the platform.  The deliverability test results can be found within the mailing ticket for the email send. 

As part of the 250ok configuration, the seed addresses used are optimized to represent the subscriber base on your All Contacts list.

In order to have the 250ok integration enabled on your account, please contact iPost Client Services.

Using Deliverability Testing on an Email Send

  • When scheduling an email, check the Include Deliverability Test box within the audience section.
  • Continue to schedule the email as you normally would.

Accessing Deliverability Testing Results

  1. Click Email Tickets under Reports.
  2. Find the mailing ticket with the deliverability testing and click on the name.
  3. Click on the Deliverability Testing tab.

The deliverability testing results are broken up into various sections:

Object Definition
Overall Results
Overall inbox placement results.
Global ISP inbox placement results.
North America
North American specific ISP inbox placement results.
Filtering Companies
Corporate spam filter inbox placement results.
Hosting Companies
Hosting company inbox placement results.
European ISP inbox placement results.

Deliverability result definitions:

Object Definition
The percentage of emails that were received in the inbox.
The percentage of emails that were received in the spam folder.
The percentage of emails that were not received.
The percentage of emails with SPF.
The percentage of emails with DKIM.
The status of the report.  It can be either “In Progress” or “Complete”.