iPost FTP

Each iPost client is configured with their own File Transfer Protocol (FTP) account.  FTP is a standard functionality that safely and securely transfers files from one point to another.  The FTP is set up during your account configuration.  Once configured, the URL and user credentials will be sent to you as part of the boarding process. 

If accessing your FTP site from a browser, you must explicitly use FTP: as a prefix.  For example, http://ftp.g001.enterprise.ipost.com will result in an error but ftp://ftp.g001.enterprise.ipost.com/  will successfully access the FTP site.

Please be aware that both Chrome and Firefox have discontinued their support of FTP protocol. To access your FTP account, you will need to download an FTP Client. Our recommendation is FileZilla however there are many others to choose from, depending on your operating system.

Accessing Your FTP Account

When your account is provisioned, our Support staff will provide your access information. Please keep this information safe and readily available. You will receive a hostname, username, password, and port information for the parent account as well as any associated subclients.

FTP Account

The iPost FTP account is configured with sub-folders that are designed to work with all the different functions within the platform.

  • Import – Houses all files that will be used for imports into a list or data table within the platform.
  • CDT_OUT – Houses all files that are exported from a data table within the platform.
  • CDT_IN – Houses files that may be imported into data tables from the UI as well as data tables that are populated via the API.
  • CONTACTS_OUT - Houses all files that are exported from lists within the platform
  • Export – Contains anything exported from the platform with the exception of data table and list exports.
  • ReportsExports - Contains reports exported from the platform.  Each type of report has a corresponding subfolder for the exported reports.
  • Reports_Library - Contains reports exported from the Reports Library
  • Journey_Tracking_View - Contains data files exported from the Tracking View for journeys
  • Logs - Contains bounce log by type of sending if the Bounce Log feature is enabled on your account


iPost supports FTP Secure (FTPS) which utilizes Transport Layer Security (TLS) as the cryptographic protocol.  TLS provides two methods to invoke client security: implicit and explicit.