iPost provides an extensive set of features to help manage your email campaigns. These features are broken up into several primary areas that can be navigated using the menus found within the user-interface.

User Profile

Your username is seen on the right top corner in iPost. Click on My Profile to view or edit your contact information and preferences, as well as update your login password.

System Notices

View system notices, including information about upcoming scheduled releases.

Content Creation Menu

The Content Creation Menu is located on the left side of your screen. Use this menu to manage content, assets, automations, and reporting.

Dashboard Gives you quick access to your performance trends, allowing you to gauge trends over time.
Email Create and manage emails, templates, headers & footers, snippets, and dynamic content.
Assets Library Upload images that you use in your emails.
Contacts Create and manage lists, data tables, filters, SQL queries, topics, and categories.
Automation Create and manage process and journey automations.
Reports Track the performance of your emails.
Calendar Provides a weekly or monthly view of all scheduled and past email sends.

General Settings Menu

The General Settings menu can be accessed by clicking the right-pointing arrow found to the right of your username. Use this menu to control your account settings such as default account and email settings, managing users, and creating subclients.

Client Manage account time setting and default values of emails.
Manage and create subclients.
Users Manage users and their permissions.
Delivery Management Set delivery settings, manage default values for sending emails, and create sender domains.
Database View and edit database fields.
Web Tracking Set up conversion tracking to track website activity.
Web Analytics Create and manage web analytics tracking parameters.