Topics help you manage your subscribers’ preferences for receiving different types of emails.  For example, a newsletter, a marketing email, and a loyalty email would all be considered unique Topics.  Your subscribers are then able to subscribe or unsubscribe from each topic via the iPost Subscription Center.

To create a Topic, please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Contacts > Topics
  • Enter the name of the Topic in Create New Topic text area
  • Click Create  

Once created, the topic will be available on your iPost Subscription Center allowing subscribers to update their preference

Adding Contacts to a Topic

Subscribers can be added to a topic via an import to a Static List or to the All Contacts list.  Your data file will need to contain a column with the opt-in/out preference for each contact in the file.  The acceptable data values are 0, 1, Y, N, Yes, or No.  You will then be able to map the data field to the correct Topic when mapping the data fields during the import process.

Creating an Audience

To create an audience of subscribers for a Topic, simply filter on that Topic in the List Membership systems table in a Dynamic List or Dynamic Data Table.