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A/B Test Sends

A/B Test Sends contain the reporting metrics for AB Test Sends.  An A/B Test Send report is generated as soon as the email begins sending.  The metrics will update as the email sends and during the retry process.

When first accessing A/B Test Sends, you will initially see the reporting manager.  The reporting manager provides the reporting metric for the winning subject line test.  To access the reporting metrics for all tests, click on the name of the mailing.


The Summary tab provides the basic reporting metrics for test sends, the winning subject line send, and an aggregate total.  The test sends are identified by a letter and the winning send is identified by a star. To access the Email Ticket report for the individual sends, please click on the name of the email.

Reporting Metric
Mailing ID Mailing ID is the iPost internal ID for that mailing.  Clicking on the Mailing ID will bring you to the email that was used for that email send.
Date/Time Date/Time is the date and time the email was sent.
Sent Sent displays the number and the percentage of contacts to which the email was sent.
Bounces Bounces displays the number and the percentage of emails that bounced.  This includes hard and soft bounces
Delivered Delivered displays the number and the percentage of emails that were successfully delivered to a contact.
Unique Opens Unique Opens displays the number and the percentage of opens by contacts.
Unique Clicks Unique Clicks displays the number and the percentage of clicks by contacts.
Conversions Conversions displays the number and the percentage of conversions for the send.  This field is only present if Web Tracking is enabled.
Complaints Complaints displays the number and the percentage of contacts that have reported the email as spam to their ISP.
Unsubscribe Displays the number and percentage of contacts that have opted out using the native opt out link.
Status Displays the status of the mailing. In Progress will be displayed while the email is sending.  Complete will be displayed once all contacts have been sent the email.

The report is also available for download.  This can be done for each test send, the winning send, or the aggregate totals.  To export the report, click on the Download Text or Download PDF option for each send.  The Text option will export the reporting metrics in a CSV format and the PDF exports the reporting metrics as a PDF. Once clicked, you can enter your email address and you will receive an email when the report is available for download from the iPost FTP.

The Summary tab also contains graphs that provide a break out on additional reporting metrics.

Email Delivery

Email Delivery provides a visual illustration of the number of emails that were delivered, soft bounced, or hard bounced.  The different metrics are represented by different colors in the graph.  If you mouse over the colored sections, you will be provided with a count per metric.

Email Client Usage

Email Client Usage displays the top fiver user agents for viewing an email.  The rest of the user agents are added to the Other category.

Engagement by Device

Engagement by Device displays stats regarding the devices contacts use to open their emails.  The graph displays data for Desktop or Mobile devices for both Opens and Clicks.

Email Engagement Report

Email Engagement displays metrics regarding how the contacts interacted with the email.  Within this report, you can find the total number of Opens and Clicks.