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Email Tracking Parameters

Email Tracking Parameters allow you to create dynamically populating variables that are specific to an email that can be appended to an URL or be used within the body of the email. iPost allows for up to ten Email Tracking Parameters to be configured per email. Email Tracking Parameters can be used in two ways, manually adding the parameter to your content or using it in conjunction with Web Analytics.

Contact iPost Client Services to have this feature enabled in your account.

Creating Email Tracking Parameters

To create Email Tracking Parameters for an email, check the Email Tracking Parameters box on the Email Properties.  Once this has been enabled, configure the Email Tracking Parameters by selecting the parameter Type from the drop down options. 

  • System Fields allows you to select the value for the parameter from a predetermined set of system fields.
  • Static String allows you to enter a static value for that parameter.
  • Derived Field is a custom method that generates a required output.  The value field is only populated if such a method has been created.

After the type has been selected, then the value can be assigned to the parameter.

Manually Adding an Email Tracking Parameter

If the Email Tracking Parameter is being used in the body of the email, either in the content or appended to a URL, then the corresponding iTL will need to be added. The iTL format is {\emailparam:1}.  The numeric value at the end of the iTL will need to be change to match each email parameter configured in the Email Properties.

Email Tracking Parameters and Web Analytics

Email Tracking Parameters are also able to be configured within Web Analytics allowing them to be automatically appended to all URLs in an email. They will still need to be enabled and configured in the email properties, but will no longer need to be manually added to any URLs. If the Email Tracking Parameter is not configured in your email properties, then the parameter will not append to your URL even if configured in Web Analytics.