Subscription Form

The standard subscription form is provided by iPost as a free service. This page allows your subscribers to opt-in or opt-out of your mailings, as well as opting-up or opting-down by selecting or deselecting public lists or topics in your iPost account.

There are two methods to access this page. The first method is to have your website link to this page, allowing any potential subscribers to opt-in. The URL for this link is comprised of the subdomain delegated to iPost and the token assigned to your Client.


The [token], also known as "Client Token" is available under Client Info which is found within the General Settings menu. Alternately, on the same page is the View Subscription Form. This also leads to the same subscription form.

The second method used to access the subscription form is by sending an email to subscribers. This method is more popular as it also serves as the unsubscribe link of a commercial email. The iTL code for the subscription form is:  {\opt_out_uri}

Using either [\opt_out_link} or {\opt_out_uri} iTL, will cause the system to automatically append the recipient’s email address into the subscription form.


Simple customizations are available:

  • Company logo: Dimensions should be within 400 width x 90 height pixels. Please contact iPost Client Services to update.
  • Topics: Topics will appear on the Subscription Form allowing contacts manage what types of emails they receive.
  • Lists: Static lists which are public will appear on the Subscription Form allowing contacts to opt in or out of specific lists.
  • Database fields for lists: To have any one of these appear, please contact iPost Client Services.